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cropped-MMP-logo-orange-square-thick.pngDo you need help with your Apple product? Mac, iPhone, iPad? We can help!

We cover all of South West Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, and everything in between.

We are we?

Tim Robertson has been a Mac user since the mid-1990’s. Tim has been an IT Manager dealing with large numbers of Apple computers. Tim is the founder of, and has been overseeing a large collection of Mac writers since 1995. Tim also runs a podcasting network, and has a weekly technology show that is listened to all over the world. Tim is a published technology author, digital publishing and podcasting pioneer, and much more.

Dan Knight began using Macs in 1986 and switched to the Mac for good when he acquired his first one, selling off his DOS PC. Dan has used the Classic Mac OS since System 6 and have current and recent versions of Mac OS X on his MacBook. He has worked in publishing as a designer and IT Manager. Dan has been writing about Macs on since 1997. Dan always tries to find the best solution for clients taking cost and long-term value into the equation.

If you are having a problem with your Mac, and really don’t want to visit an Apple store (or worse, the people in the Apple store said they can’t help you) we can!

In-Home technical services Mac / iPhone / iPad help
In-Home tutoring. (We go at your pace, not ours!)

While every situation and client is different, there is honestly little that we have not seen before. Problems with your email? Connecting to a network? Crashing applications? Things slowing down for no reason? Suspected malware or virus problems? The list can go on and on, but the point is WE CAN HELP!

  • Rates:Technical Support: $110/hr. (Two hour minimum)Personal Tutoring: $75

Some other services we can offer are marketing consulting, podcast production, and basic web design.



Our network at home was hacked and spy ware and malware installed. Tim Robertson took care of all our computer issues as well as telling us what to get for safe backups and helped install them.

After all the scammers out there I’m glad we found some one that’s legitimate.

Besides his knowledge and professionalism, Tim is a really good guy!

Melanie and Ric Cooper